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EcoTennis goes far beyond just offering tennis lessons 

Parents worry endlessly about their children’s safety and future. How to help the young ones to acquire life skills that will help them get over obstacles in their lives? EcoTennis believes that it is through the development of the physical, mental and relationship aspect. 

Physical Aspect

Many agree that childhood obesity is becoming a major problem. According to “l’Institut national de la santé publique du Québec (INSPQ)”, the obesity rate climbed from 1.9 % to 9.4 % in 35 years.

Quebecers child profile from 6 to 17 years

1978-1979 2009-2013
Average weight 44,7 kg 48,3 kg
Average height 1,49 m 1,51 m

Weight status for children

1981 2013
Normal weight   78,8 % 68,4 %
Overweight 10,1 % 15,5 %
Obesity 1,8 % 9,4 %

Many factors contribute to this epidemic

  • An unhealthy diet
  • The lack of physical activity
  • Time spent in front of a sreen
  • Socioeconomique status

EcoTennis fights this problem by offering a sport activity to children! We strongly believe that developing a passion for a sport stimulates youth and encourages kids to MOVE! Tennis is a sport where MOUVEMENT is of foremost importance. Tennis is at the same time an aerobic and anaerobic activity which contributes directly to a healthy endocrine system. Aerobic exercices strenghten the heart and lungs and anaerobic activities improve muscle and joint tissues. 


For a better health

Mental Aspect

In the recent years, technological advances, especially the proliferation of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc., bring kids from outdoor activities to screens on smart devices. More and more studies are showing the harmful effect that this new consumption has on our children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has been studying the use of display devices in younger age groups.


More and more children are using social networks and this increases the risk of depression, especially during passive use (that is, they look at others’ photos without interacting or publishing them themselves) (APP).

Sleeping disorders

Sleeping disorders can be noted in young people who sleep with their phones. The light of these screens keeps a child awake which delays the biological clock and reduces the quality of sleep.

School failure

A reduction in academic performance is apparent. Indeed, the use of entertainment media at the same time as certain activities such as homework contributes to this problem.

Early exposure to tobacco, alcohol and sex

The AAP links this growing media exposure to a rejuvenation of alcohol, smoking and sex initiation. In support of this argument, an Anglo-Saxon study has shown that leading brands of alcohol have strengthened their presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In addition, 12% of 10-19 year old’s have already sent a sexual photo to someone else (AAP, 2016).

 EcoTennis helps replace screen time with an engaging sport activity.

Go! Go! Go! Let’s play tennis!

Relatiohship Aspect

EcoTennis prioritizes the development of relationship skills. Children learn to compete, to cooperate, to communicate and to help each other. Tennis is a social sport that can be played an entire life. EcoTennis commits to help children build valuable skills to develop relationships that will make them happy!




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